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The only way you'll turn real profits mining is if you're doing EVERYTHING as efficiently as possible! 


** Rate is subject to availability, quantity, and type.

We do mining the only way, the EFFICIENT way!

Distinguished Hosting Features

  • Smart Billing - Only pay for actual kwh consumed!

  • Smart Real-Time Miner Monitoring and Alerting

  • Automated Monitoring and Alerting    

  • Overclocking Friendly

  • 0% Monthly Billing Fee For ACH Clients

  • Crypto payments welcome

  • Enterprise Grade Redundant Primary Power & Fiber Networks

  • Expert Miner Repair Technicians

  • Professional Customer Support


Today's ASIC miners are climate sensitive which means as the temperature goes up so does your electric usage and you know what that means...your profits went to the utility company :(. This is why the cool climate of Michigan 9 months out of the year helps our clients maximize their returns. 


Environment Matters!

You can literally eat off the floors at our indoor mining facilities...yes we keep it that clean so your air cooled miners don't choke themselves out!


We start off by optimizing the voltage miners want to run at which is typically 240v so our incoming power is set to 3PH 415V to reduce power consumption.


We offer overclocking firmware and per ASIC chip tuning as a service to further maximize efficiency down to the last chip!

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