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S21 230T Overclocking Released

Miner Hosting for Main Street

State-of-the-art miner hosting services fit for every miner. Based in West Michigan, we can help you learn, earn, and explore the new frontier of crypto and bitcoin mining. 


Superior Miner Hosting

We pride ourselves on keeping your machines running efficiently and securely. Our uptime leads the industry, and allows you to maximize your ROI.

Easy Onboarding

With our hosting software platform we can quickly generate a service order & contract from your request. Present payment options and upload your pool config. The platform will onboard you and your assets once complete.

Miner Hardware

We offer the industry's best hardware, both in terms of price and efficiency. All of our hardware comes bundled with hosting, so you can rest easily knowing you're getting the most out of your investment.

Smart Billing

Mining profits are energy centric which is why our Smart Billing system only charges you for the actual kWh's your miners use.
Other hosts charge you a fixed rate each month- great for them but not for you!


Miner Hosting

We offer a range of hosting solutions for miners of any size. Only pay for actual kWh's consumed.

Hosting Only

starting at

$0.08 / kWh

Smart Billing

Dedicated Support Team

Pay with AutoPay or Crypto

Cool Climate

Overclocking Friendly

1 year warranty

Buy + Host Package

$0.077 / kWh

starting at

Smart Billing

Dedicated Support Team

Pay with AutoPay or Crypto

Cool Climate

Overclocking Friendly

1 Year Warranty

Priority Deployment



For large orders

Smart Billing

Dedicated Support Team

Pay with AutoPay or Crypto

Cool Climate

Overclocking Friendly

Product Spotlight- Bitmain S21

The Bitmain S21 is the newest model to be released by the world's leading ASIC manufacturer, and boasts the industry's best-ever efficiency rating of 17.5J/TH. With astounding hashrates starting at 188 TH/s, the S21 is the premier bitcoin miner of 2024.

  • Industry leading efficiency of 17.5 J/TH

  • Blisteringly high hash rates starting at 188 TH/s

  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

  • CryptoCaddy hosting included


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What Our Clients Say

Hear from current CryptoCaddy customers on how we've helped them on their crypto mining journey.

"Mike and Colin are very responsive and easy to work with. Uptime is the best we've experienced, and the smart billing is amazing. They also price their miners very competitively. CryptoCaddy is our go-to for future expansion".

- Brad C.

"CryptoCaddy is on my shortlist of hosting sites. They have great uptime, great prices and I love that you only pay actual wattage. Easy to do business with."

- John H.

"Mike and Colin provide a first rate hosting service with very competitive pricing, super responsive customer service and near perfect uptime for my machines since I've been with them. They go above and beyond, provide flexible solutions and even helped me out of a difficult situation with another host. Highly recommended!"

- Chris R.

About Us

Leadership Team



Stalni stručnjak za rashladne sustave uranjanja, izgradnju rudarskih farmi, upravljanje rudarskim operacijama. Posljednjih 25 godina proveo sam šireći svoje vještine u području tehnologije s fokusom na automatizaciju, softversko inženjerstvo, inženjerstvo sustava, sustave vizije i inženjerstvo upravljanja. Uživam u iskorištavanju tehnologije kako bih svijet učinio boljim mjestom!


Colin, vlasnik

Softverski inženjer sa strašću za stvaranjem revolucionarnih tehnologija za pomoć ljudima iz Main St. Specijalizirao sam se za izradu softverskih platformi, automatizaciju kripto plaćanja i sve što se tiče IT sigurnosti. Strastveni sam u održavanju naših sustava brzim, skalabilnim i sigurnim kako bismo našim korisnicima omogućili iskustvo svjetske klase. 

Meet our leadership team here at CryptoCaddy.

Want to learn more or schedule a video tour?

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