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Միակ ճանապարհը, որով դուք կարող եք իրական շահույթ ստանալ, դա այն է, եթե դուք ԱՄԵՆ ԻՆՉ անեք հնարավորինս արդյունավետ: 




 Wheather your just starting or need to place Megawatts of machines we're always here to answer your questions so please contact us using our online chat, contact us form, or email today! Once you've placed or made a request to order we'll send over a service order and contract that contains all the details such as number of units being purchased, expected online date, rates, power consumption, deposit, monthly payment, term, etc..


Mining Pool

  Leverage our scale and buying power! As a CryptoCaddy customer you'll instantly have access to a discounted pool rate of 1% instead of 2.5% if you so choose. Simply use our referral code 'cc100' when you register to use Luxor as your mining pool provider. Register here
Finish by uploading the pool information using our online form



 We have all the convenient and popular options such as ACH, Coinbase Commerce, Wire Transfer, and others. Most of our US customers use ACH for monthly hosting payments to take advantage of our FREE 0% Auto Pay service. Likewise most of our international customers use crypto via Coinbase or send payments directly. Check out some of the common payment options here


Provision with Verification

 Miners generally are provisioned the same day if there in stock. If not it generally only takes 5-7 business days and they go online within 48hrs of arrival. We will reach out to you and have you verify you can see them in your pool once installed. We'll also provide an asset export that contains all your miner serial numbers matched to each internal CryptoCaddy asset number for your records.



 To provide the best possible experience we provide the following channels for our customers to contact us with questions and support requests. If you're a broker or a large client we can provision a real-time chat feed.
Website: Chat feature or Contact Us page 

We're looking forward to doing business with you.

CryptoCaddy Team

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