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Taxes, shipping, installation, and hosting deposit all included in the price.

Bitmain KS5 Pro 21T with Hosting

KASPA (KHeavyHash)
In stock: 50 available
Allowed purchase quantity: from 1 to 10 items
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Bitmain KS5 Pro 21T with Hosting
Product Details
Brand: Bitmain
HashRate (TH): 21
Efficiency: 150 J/T
Watts: 3150
Hosting KWH Rate: $0.08
Online Date: 5-7 business days
Term: 1 year
Condition: New

Start your journey crypto mining with us today at our world-class crypto mining farm.

Air-cooling Miner/KAS-Kaspa/kHeavyHash


All purchases come with a full factory warranty from the date of purchase.

Superior Miner Hosting

We pride ourselves on keeping your machines running efficiently and securely. Our uptime leads the industry, and allows you to maximize your ROI.

Easy Onboarding

With our hosting software platform we can quickly generate a service order & contract from your request. Present payment options and upload your pool config. The platform will onboard you and your assets once complete.

Miner Hardware

We offer the industry's best hardware, both in terms of price and efficiency. All of our hardware comes bundled with hosting, so you can rest easily knowing you're getting the most out of your investment.

Smart Billing

Mining profits are energy centric which is why our Smart Billing system only charges you for the actual kWh's your miners use.
Other hosts charge you a fixed rate each month- great for them but not for you!

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