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 🚀Bitmain S21 Mix 188-200T Exclusive Offer


The Bitmain S21 is the newest model to be released by the world's leading ASIC manufacturer, and boasts the industry's best-ever efficiency rating of 17.5J/TH. With astounding hashrates starting at 188 TH/s, the S21 is the premier bitcoin miner of 2024.

  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

  • CryptoCaddy hosting included

  • Prices include everything to get a miner up and running. No additional Fees!

  • Pricing is based on 200T - We'll refund the difference based on actual Th delivered. Meaning, if the machine actually runs at 188T we'll refund or credit your account 12Th worth based on the purchase price. 

Get Ready!

 If you're able to move quickly you'll be able to land one of our limited time exclusive offers listed below. Due to supply and demand we'll be updating quantities in near real-time so please make sure you have your funds ready to go and you're prepared to be hashing right away. Otherwise the next one in line will take your spot!


Choose an Offer

Offers for everyone

Level 1

MOQ: 3-7

7.89c / kWh

Level 2

7.69c / kWh

MOQ: 8-30

Level 3

7.59c /kWh

MOQ: 31-70



MOQ: 71+

Want to learn more about CryptoCaddy and hosting miners?

Superior Miner Hosting

We pride ourselves on keeping your machines running efficiently and securely. Our industry leading uptime and excellent support are unmatched. 

Easy Onboarding

With our hosting software platform we can quickly generate a service order & contract from your request. Present payment options and upload your pool config. The platform will onboard you and your assets once complete.

Miner Hardware

We offer the industry's best hardware, both in terms of price and efficiency. All of our hardware comes bundled with hosting, so you can rest easy knowing you're getting the most out of your investment.

Smart Billing

If your machine isn't running you will not be paying it's just that simple. Our automated billing system will keep track of each machines usage and only ever bill you when your machine is running.

About Us

Our Team



Resident ekspert på nedsenkingskjølesystemer, konstruksjon av gruvegårder, styring av gruvedrift. Jeg har brukt de siste 25 årene på å utvide ferdighetene mine innen teknologiområdet med fokus på automasjon, programvareteknikk, systemteknikk, visjonssystemer og kontrollteknikk. Jeg liker å utnytte teknologi for å gjøre verden til et bedre sted!


Colin, eier

Programvareingeniør med lidenskap for å bygge forstyrrende teknologier for å hjelpe andre Main St.-folk! Jeg spesialiserer meg på å bygge programvareplattformer, automatisering av kryptobetalinger og alt som har med IT-sikkerhet å gjøre. Jeg brenner for å holde systemene våre raske, skalerbare og sikre for å muliggjøre en opplevelse i verdensklasse for kundene våre. 

Meet the people that build, maintain, and deliver the state of the art service CryptoCaddy is known for.

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