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The smartest, easiest, risk free mining solution!

Smart Mining

100% Risk Free Mining!

Pause or cancel at any time for any reason!

Includes Smart Billing,
Only pay for actual KWH's

Save nearly 20% over 12 months and earn the same BTC compared to  traditional mining


kWh Rate
Traditional Cost (hardware + hosting)
Smart Mining Cost
Smart Mining Monthly Cost
Customer Savings

Smart Mining offers you the ability to mine with a highly profitable machine, without having to front all of the capital required to purchase the machine yourself. Instead, you can use a new gen machine from our fleet, and begin mining without any of the hassle! Smart Mining offers some significant advantages over the traditional hosting model:

  • No need to front huge amounts of money upfront to purchase machines.

  • No need to procure miners at the best price

  • No need to find a hosting company

  • We removed all of your risks so you have ZERO chance of being scammed from the abundance of shady hardware vendors in this industry.

  • No need to stress about the silicon lottery- don’t like your machine? Cancel at any time!

  • Worried about the market conditions and want to hold your cash for a few months? Pause your mining at any time, and only pay for when you actually mine!

  • CryptoCaddy covers ALL maintenance costs. Don’t sweat it if your miner loses a fan, hashboard, or control board. CryptoCaddy will foot the bill for any machine issues that may arise.

  • You’ll even have the option to mine with a replacement machine if the miner needs repairs! Keep your hashrate strong, and let us handle the messy details.

More Flexibility, More Efficiency

Smart Mining gives you the flexibility to pause your mining at any time- a feature completely unheard of in this industry. No more stressing about timing the market, or paying for hosting contracts when you’d rather be holding on to your cash. Run your miners when you want, and how you want- utilizing the same great hosting infrastructure that CryptoCaddy is known for.

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Smart choice!

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